如果我们改变了以下任何政策, 我们将通过电子邮件或在NAPFA网站上发布公告通知网站用户.

Data We Collect

NAPFA只收集有助于我们为会员社区服务的数据, 我们只存储您在知情的情况下提供给我们的信息. 

We don't collect personal or personally identifying information from users browsing our website. We do collect basic information about how visitors use our site including pages visited, 网站流量模式和服务器使用统计. These data are used to improve content, site performance, and service for site visitors.

注册使网站能够更好地确定会员的兴趣领域, 提供最相关的信息并控制“仅限会员”的内容. 访问我们的“仅限会员”功能和内容, 我们要求访客登记并提供一些信息, including name, organization name, business phone, 电子邮件和访问密码.

We may ask for additional information from our members and customers to fulfill a specific voluntarily submitted transaction such as a membership application, event registration, 出版命令或订阅.

对于一些以HTML格式发送的电子邮件, we will collect specific information regarding what the recipient does with that email. 在这些情况下,我们监控用户的电子邮件地址, 用户是否点击到消息中提供的链接, 用户点击的日期和时间, 发送消息的链接或源的名称, 跟踪URL号和目标页面.


NAPFA maintains back-up files as protection against natural disasters or equipment failures. Backup files protect users and NAPFA as they lower the risk of losing valuable data, 并且受到与交易数据相同的安全防范措施的约束. 


NAPFA and its direct subsidiaries use our collected data to improve our website content, 回应访客的兴趣, 需求和偏好以及开发新产品和服务.


NAPFA makes your member contact information available to other NAPFA members via our online member directory and software services.

NAPFA will license to you the contents of the online directory only if you accept all the terms and conditions contained in this non-exclusive, nontransferable, 有限许可协议. Please read this license agreement carefully before using or searching the directory. 通过访问在线目录, 您由此接受并同意受以下条款和条件的约束:

本目录仅供个人使用, personal and confidential reference purposes only and may be used only pursuant to the terms of this license. 本目录及其内容是NAPFA的专有产品. 此目录的内容可能不会, in whole or in part, be reproduced, copied or disseminated, 输入计算机数据库, 作为邮件列表的一部分或与邮件列表一起使用的, or otherwise utilized, 以任何形式或方式或以任何方式,用户个人除外, 未经NAPFA事先书面同意的个人和机密参考. 目录包含名称, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and contact persons of NAPFA members as of the preparation of the directory as provided to NAPFA by such members. 它们在本目录中的存在仅代表这些公司, organizations, 有良好信誉的机构或个人是NAPFA的成员. NAPFA不认可这些成员,也不作任何陈述, 保证或保证, 不承担任何责任, 这些成员提供的产品或服务. NAPFA expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use or performance of the products and/or services provided by these members and with respect to any errors contained in the directory.

Occasionally NAPFA makes limited member contact information and data available to approved third parties that offer products and services to our members.

NAPFA engages third-party vendors to help us manage our web presence and allow us to better serve our web visitors. Personal information shared with these third-party organizations is shared only as necessary for completing authorized NAPFA transactions.

Opt Out 

您可以通过以下方式与NAPFA365bet线上盘口app官网,选择不向第三方披露信息 info@zhzhongcheng.com 或致电800-FEE-ONLY.


NAPFA does not disclose credit card account information provided by its members and customers. 适用于信用卡交易, 我们提交给适当的票据交换所, 使用行业标准加密, 只提供收款所需的信息.


我们确实使用cookie来改善用户体验. This does not result in the collection of any personal information or data collected from your personal computer. If you choose to adjust the settings of your web browser to disallow the usage of cookies, 您每次访问我们的网站时都需要登录. 请理解,如果您拒绝附加cookie, 您可能无法获得我们网站的全部好处和功能.

Links to Other Sites

我们的网站包含到外部组织网站的链接. While these links may indicate relationships between NAPFA and these organizations, 我们不对隐私负责, 当您从我们的网站链接到他们的网站时,安全性或内容.


If any User suspects NAPFA has handled its personal information in a manner that does not comply with this privacy statement, 请通过电子邮件与我们365bet线上盘口app官网 info@zhzhongcheng.com 或拨打800- only收费电话.

Third-Party Ad Networks
We use third parties such as network advertisers to serve advertisements on our Site and on third-party websites or other media (e.g.,社交网络平台). This enables us and these third parties to target advertisements to you for products and services in which you might be interested. 第三方广告网络提供商, advertisers, 赞助商和/或流量测量服务可能使用cookie, JavaScript, 网络信标(包括清晰的gif), Flash LSOs and other tracking technologies to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalize advertising content to you. These third-party cookies and other technologies are governed by each third party’s specific privacy policy, not this one. 我们可能会向这些第三方广告商提供有关您的信息.

美国的用户可以选择退出许多第三方广告网络. 例如,您可以访问数字广告联盟(“DAA”) Consumer Choice Page for information about opting out of interest-based advertising and their choices regarding having information used by DAA companies. 您也可以到网络广告倡议组织(“NAI”) Consumer Opt-Out Page for information about opting out of interest-based advertising and their choices regarding having information used by NAI members.

选择从DAA上列出的一个或多个公司退出 Consumer Choice Page or the NAI Consumer Opt-Out Page will opt you out from those companies’ delivery of interest-based content or ads to you, but it does not mean you will no longer receive any advertising through our Site or on other websites. 你可能会继续收到广告, for example, 基于您正在查看的特定网站(i.e.基于上下文的广告). Also, if your browsers are configured to reject cookies when you opt out on the DAA or NAI websites, 您的选择退出可能无效. 更多信息可在DAA的网站上查阅 www.aboutads.info 或美国国立卫生研究院的网站 www.networkadvertising.org.


We may work with third-party advertising companies who may utilize cookies and web beacons, 以及通过我们的服务收集的数据, 在我们的服务上为您定制广告, as well as on other websites or mobile applications in their networks beyond our services. Among other things, these customized advertisements may advertise our products and services and third party products and services on websites or mobile applications not affiliated with us. Some of these ads are online behavioral advertising – which serve advertisements that are more likely to be of interest to you using non-personal behavioral information. Such ads may contain cookies that allow monitoring of websites and mobile applications (including our own services) and your response to such advertisements. Cookies or web beacons placed by these companies do not collect personal information, 第三方广告公司无权访问或使用您的姓名, address, e-mail address, telephone number or other personal information; they may however, anonymously track your usage across our services and other websites or mobile applications in their networks. We limit companies that place our ads from using information for any purpose other than to assist us in our advertising efforts.

For more information about these third-party advertising companies' privacy policies, 请访问网络广告倡议的网站 http://www.networkadvertising.org. 如果你不想收到定向广告, 您可以选择退出使用您的信息的网络广告程序. 要做到这一点,请访问:网络广告倡议 opt-out page.